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Night Matron

1695 Mount Pleasant Street, Dubuque, IA, USA

Job Type

Job title: Night watch

Supervisor: Administrator

Work Area: Building interior

General Description

The night watch will follow instructions regarding security of the home and welfare of the residents, and will respond promptly in case of emergency. The employee will alert the administrator if morning relief is not present. In the event that the administrator is not present, the appropriate people as posted (in the kitchen and in the room of the night watch person) will be called. The employee is resonsible for answering the telephone and taking messages.


The following list represents many of the tasks expected of the person in this position. It is not intended to be all inclusive, but suggestive of the responsibilities that are included in this job classification.

  1. While on duty from 9pm to 6am, answer telephone lines 1 and 2 and take messages.

  2. Promptly report to the administrator any irregularities observed which may be deterimental or hazardous to residents, staff, or visitors.

  3. Advise day personnel of any overnight resident issues.

  4. 911 should be called, if conditions warrant.


The night watch works with very little supervision. As questions and concerns arise, the employee is responsible to inform the administrator as soon as it is reasonable. The administrator can proprly direct a response. Questions or concerns should be handled responsibly and kept confidential without involving other personnel or residents.

Procedures and Practices

Employee is responsible for supporting and complying with all Mt. Pleasant Home policies and procedures including (but not limited to) such things as:

  1. Accepted sanitation practices and procedures are to be used to keep the home free of offensive odors, accumulation of dirt, rubbish, dust, and safety hazards.

  2. Entrances, exits, fire escapes, and hallways must always be kept free of debris, garbage containers, and other objects that may create difficulty for residents, staff or visitors.

  3. There is to be no solicitation or distribution of materials to residents by employees.

  4. Employees must have permission from the administrator before bringing in or taking out any packages from the building.

  5. No one may accept tips from the residents. Individuals or donors must be directed to the office for deposit to the employee appreciation fund to be distributed annually to all employees.

  6. Mount Pleasant Home telephones are for Mt. Pleasant business. Unless it is an emergency, all personal incoming calls will be taken as messages and given to the employee. If an employee must make a call, he/she must make said call during their break or on their personal time. Use of a resident's phone is strictly forbidden.

Working Conditions

All areas are well-lit and well-ventilated. Some areas are air conditioned, some are not.

Physical Endurance

Employees must be able to adapt from cool to warm temperature changes. Employee must be able to lift, carry, and move supplies and equipment, as needed.

Personnel Specifications

  1. High school education or greater preferred.

  2. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

  3. Maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and hygiene.

  4. Exhibit a mature sense of responsibility.

  5. Treat residents and staff with a pleasant demeanor.

  6. Possess the ability to work alone and/or in cooperation with others.

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