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1695 Mount Pleasant Street, Dubuque, IA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

Job Title: Cook

Department: Dietary

Supervisor: Administrator

Work Area: Kitchen, service and storage areas

Hours: As posted and/or determined by the administrator

General Description

While on duty, the cook is responsible for the proper handling of all foods in process. The cook directs attention at all times toward the highest quality of food preparation, serving, and storing in the most effective and economical manner.


  • Prepares and calculates the preparation of all foods served, following standard and/or recommended recipes. Plans food production to coordinate with meal-serving times so that excellence, quality, temperature, and appearance of food is preserved.

  • Performs and/or directs the carving and apportioning of food to be served, and may assist in serving duties.

  • Check incoming merchandise and direct the storage of supplies.

  • Supervises and performs the cleaning of the dietary department, and sees that the department complies with established standards of sanitation.

  • Alerts supervisor of any shortage in upcoming production, and all of equipment irregularities.

  • Constantly maintains the utmost strictness in following accepted sanitation and food-handling procedures as required, properly instructing non-professional personnel in the prescribed methods and procedures to be followed in the dietary department.

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